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Currently available for freelance work

Yujia Wang is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Valence, France.

She is passionate about storytelling and drawing.
She specializes in directing, visual development, and illustration. 
She likes experimenting with different materials to create palpable textures according to storytelling needs. 
She has a wide range of interests such as playing music, singing, writing, and knitting...
She also enjoys learning new things for potential creative projects.

BEIJING FILM ACADEMY-bachelor in animation
GOBELINS, L’ÉCOLE DE L’IMAGE-master in character animation and animated filmmaking
LA POUDRIÈRE-animation film directing

She has worked as a freelance artist for studios such as Pearl Studio, Illumination Mac Guff, Sun Creature, Nexus Studio, Buck Design, Digital Frontier, Mikros Animation, Netflix Animation, The Line Animation, Base FX, Golden Wolf, Cartoon Network, Glen Keane Productions...

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